Pastor Curt Rosen:

Pastor Curt Rosen is a loving husband and father to his wife Karin and their two sons Caleb and Joshua. Born and raised in Newberg, Oregon, Curt and Karin first met at a church service in their senior year of college during Christmas break. As the pastor at Family Christian Center, Curt’s greatest passion is to help people grow, and to inspire them to reach their God given potential.
Growing up, Curt always had a passion for long distance running and continues that passion today while coaching Cross County and Track. He grew up in a family of builders, working with his father at Rosen and Sons Construction. Initially planning on pursuing architecture, Curt felt God calling him to ministry in his senior year of high school. Following this calling, Curt earned his Bachelors in Arts in Christian Ministries from George Fox University. After finishing school, Curt served in various types of ministry including children’s and youth ministries, family ministries, and started a 12-step recovery program called Celebrate Recovery. Eventually, Curt and his family moved to Ellensburg, Washington as the pastor of Family Christian Center. Here, Curt makes it his goal to create a community at Family Christian Center where every person connects with God and reaches their full potential. He believes that too often, we live mundane lives. And Curt strives to change this, feeling that, as followers of Jesus, we should live the most fulfilled, excitable, and inspiring lives while experiencing life to its fullest.
Pastor Curt Rosen also enjoys hiking, being outdoors, and most importantly, spending time with his family. The entire Rosen family is a lot of fun to spend time with and get to know. His wife Karin, is the family’s glue. She keeps everything running smoothly and has amazing compassion for those who are struggling. And their two sons are a ton of fun to be around, and even though the two of them couldn’t be more different, they still get along (most of the time).